RGB Basic – RGB wireless with transmitter

RGB-BASIC is a budget-friendly wireless controller for RGB LED strips.
The RGB-BASIC set is delivered in a handy box that contains all components for one zone.
The 24VDC power supply must be ordered separately based on the necessary capacity.

The wireless receiver can control up to 360W RGB LED strips on 24VDC.
If more capacity is necessary, the installation can be extended with a type SR-3002 power repeater.

• Wireless controlling and dimming of RGB LED strips
• Range up to 40 meters
• Handy color wheel for quick color choice
• Built-in automatic color loop
• Basic set, not extendable, only 1 transmitter per receiver
• Extension capacity possible with type SR-3002 power repeater

Kit for 1 zone:
Article Description L W H
RGB-BASIC Kit transmitter + 1 receiver RGB basic 144 46 17
SR-3002 Power repeater up to max. 750W 168 57 29