1-10V controller for LED strips

SR-2001 & SR-2002

The SR-2001 and 2002 controllers are suitable for controlling by a 1-10V signal.
That 1-10V signal can originate from a home automation system or, for example, a 1-10V push-button dimmer.
Type SR-2001 is equipped with one 1-10V input and is suitable for mono-color LED strips.
Type SR-2002 is equipped with four 1-10V inputs and is suitable for bi-color, RGB and RGB+W LED strips.

• Controlling with analogue 1-10V signal
• Ideal for home automation installations
• Maximum 480W for 24VDC
• Smooth dimming functions from 1 to 100%

1-10V controller:
Article Description L B H
SR-2001P 1-10V controller mono-color 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2001DIN 1-10V controller mono-color DIN-rail 97 50 65
SR-2002P 1-10V controller RGB/RGB+W 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2002DIN 1-10V controller RGB/RGB+W DIN-rail 97 50 65
SR-3002 Power repeater tot max. 750W 168 57 29