Chantier – Light on the construction site

With the Integra Chantier you obtain a safe construction site or working place lighting. The Chantier series is based on the successful  Evolve LED projectors series, but framed with a sturdy floor stand with insulated handle. The combination of a sleek black housing with safety glass and the yellow parts give it a “safety” appearance. The color temperature is 6000K. Chantier comes with a rubber cable HO5RN-F 3G1 1.5 meters.

Tripod is a sturdy stand which all Evolve devices can be mounted.

Reference Description Watt CCT Lumen L W H
Chantier small  Evolve incl. stand 24W 6000K 24 6000 2250 220 170 45
Chantier big Evolve incl. stand 72W 6000K 72 6000 6500 330 250 75
Evolve tripod Stand for Evolve 24~72W 1600 40 40