Evolve HE

High Efficiency

Evolve HE is the big brother of Evolve SMD. This new and more high-performing version has all the exceptional qualities of the basic version.
Thanks to a driver and LED chip update, the Evolve HE offers a very high efficiency and an effective lumen output of 150lm/W.

The sleek housing in die-cast aluminum is finished with a transparent safety glass. Evolve HE is available in color temperature 4000K and in a black execution with “Akzo Nobel Interpon 600 coating” for corrosive environments.

A HO5RN-F 3G1 rubber cable with a length of 1.5 meters is included with the Evolve HE. Evolve HE is an LED floodlight with a focus on durability.
Several spare parts are available on demand.

angle kelvin pf lumen per watt cri waarde ip waarde branduren ik waarde 5 jaar garantie
120° 4000K > 0,9 150 lm/W 80-82 66 50.000u IK08
Evolve SMD High Efficiency with black Interpon coating
Reference Description Watt CCT Lumen L W H
FL48HE-B4000 Evolve HE 150lm/W 48W 4000K 48 4000 7500 175 135 42
FL72HE-B4000 Evolve HE 150lm/W 72W 4000K 72 4000 10800 290 226 55
FL100HE-B4000 Evolve HE 150lm/W 100W 4000K 100 4000 14400 400 340 90
FL150HE-B4000 Evolve HE 150lm/W 150W 4000K 150 4000 22500 400 340 90
FL200HE-B4000 Evolve HE 150lm/W 200W 4000K 200 4000 30000 450 360 90