Led emitter – Floodlight Evolve SMD

Innovative and reliable

  • Aluminum quality housing IP66
  • Extra protection thanks to Interpon coating
  • Efficient SMD2835 LED chips
  • Matt safety glass
  • Stainless steel L304 screws
  • Insulated and waterproof driver
  • ENEC certification





CRI 82














5 years



LED emitter – Floodlicht  Evolve SMD standard versions:

  • 12W

  • 24W

  • 48W

  • 72W

  • 100W

  • 150W

  • 200W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

Evolve SMD options available on a project basis. Contact us.

Different color temperature
Dimmable TRIAC (max. 24W), 1-10V, DALI
Class II version

Evolve SMD

Evolve SMD

Evolve SMD 100W


Evolve SMD

Evolve SMD

Evolve SMD serie

Evolve SMD

Evolve SMD samenstelling

Evolve SMD data

Evolve SMD afmetingen

Evolve SMD data

Evolve SMD Evolve SMD 100W Evolve SMD Evolve SMD serie Evolve SMD samenstelling Evolve SMD afmetingen
Evolve SMD sfeerfoto
Product sheet productblad
Interpon coating certificate
ENEC certification certificate

LED floodlight Evolve SMD

ReferenceOmschrijving_engWattCCTCRI^LumenIPGross priceStockDataLDTManual
FL12W06-B3000Led floodlight Evolve SMD 12W 3000K black13,73000>80120°1440IP66€ 56Yes datasheet FL12W06-B3000 LDT file FL12W06-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL12W06-B4000Led floodlight Evolve SMD 12W 4000K black13,74000>80120°1500IP66€ 56Yes datasheet FL12W06-B4000 LDT file FL12W06-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL24W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 24W 3000K black ENEC23,5300082120°2424IP66€ 92Yes datasheet FL24W09-B3000 LDT file FL24W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL24W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 24W 4000K black ENEC23,5400082120°2760IP66€ 92Yes datasheet FL24W09-B4000 LDT file FL24W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL48W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 48W 3000K black ENEC53,8300082120°5510IP66€ 145Yes datasheet FL48W09-B3000 LDT file FL48W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL48W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 48W 4000K black ENEC53,8400082120°6275IP66€ 145Yes datasheet FL48W09-B4000 LDT file FL48W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL72W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 72W 3000K black ENEC73,1300082120°7470IP66€ 200Yes datasheet FL72W09-B3000 LDT file FL72W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL72W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 72W 4000K black ENEC73,1400082120°8506IP66€ 200Yes datasheet FL72W09-B4000 LDT file FL72W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL100W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 100W 3000K black ENEC97,7300082120°10152IP66€ 300Yes datasheet FL100W09-B3000 LDT file FL100W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL100W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 100W 4000K black ENEC97,7400082120°11560IP66€ 300Yes datasheet FL100W09-B4000 LDT file FL100W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL150W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 150W 3000K black ENEC150.8300082120°15622IP66€ 350Yes datasheet FL150W09-B3000 LDT file FL150W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL150W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 150W 4000K black ENEC150.8400082120°16366IP66€ 350Yes datasheet FL150W09-B4000 LDT file FL150W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL200W09-B3000Floodlight Evolve 200W 3000K black ENEC193.6300082120°23060IP66€ 430Yes datasheet FL200W09-B3000 LDT file FL200W09-B3000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000
FL200W09-B4000Floodlight Evolve 200W 4000K black ENEC193.6400082120°24159IP66€ 430Yes datasheet FL200W09-B4000 LDT file FL200W09-B4000 Handleiding FL12W06-B3000

LED floodlight Evolve asymmetrical

ReferenceDescriptionWattCCTCRI^LumenIPGross priceStockDataLDTManual
FL48W05-B3000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 48W 3000K black50-5430008290x30°5245IP66€ 175yes datasheet FL48W05-B3000 LDT file FL48W05-B3000 Handleiding FL48W05-B3000
FL48W05-B4000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 48W 4000K black50-5440008290x30°5640IP66€ 175yes datasheet FL48W05-B4000 LDT file FL48W05-B4000 Handleiding FL48W05-B4000
FL72W05-B3000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 72W 3000K black70-7330008290x30°7945IP66€ 260yes datasheet FL72W05-B3000 LDT file FL72W05-B3000 Handleiding FL72W05-B3000
FL72W05-B4000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 72W 4000K black70-7340008290x30°8543IP66€ 260yes datasheet FL72W05-B4000 LDT file FL72W05-B4000 Handleiding FL72W05-B4000
FL120W05-B3000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 120W 3000K black12530008290x30°12330IP66€ 395yes datasheet FL120W05-B3000 LDT file FL120W05-B3000 Handleiding FL120W05-B3000
FL120W05-B4000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 120W 4000K black12540008290x30°13261IP66€ 395yes datasheet FL120W05-B4000 LDT file FL120W05-B4000 Handleiding FL120W05-B4000
FL150W05-B3000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 150W 3000K black15830008290x30°14980IP66€ 440yes datasheet FL150W05-B3000 LDT file FL150W05-B3000 Handleiding FL150W05-B3000
FL150W05-B4000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 150W 4000K black15840008290x30°16111IP66€ 440yes datasheet FL150W05-B4000 LDT file FL150W05-B4000 Handleiding FL150W05-B4000
FL200W05-B3000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 200W 3000K black20030008290x30°20955IP66€ 540yes datasheet FL200W05-B3000 LDT file FL200W05-B3000 Handleiding FL200W05-B3000
FL200W05-B4000Evolve SMD asymmetric 90x30° 200W 4000K black20040008290x30°22533IP66€ 540yes datasheet FL200W05-B4000 LDT file FL200W05-B4000 Handleiding FL200W05-B4000

ReferenceOmschrijving_engGross priceStockData
FLSPIKE-BGround spike for floodlight Evolve 25cm black€ 25Yes datasheet FLSPIKE-B
FLSTANG-BSteel arm 80cm black for Evolve floodlight€ 50Yes datasheet FLSTANG-B
FLSTANGMINI-BSteel arm 50cm black for Evolve floodlight€ 45Yes datasheet FLSTANGMINI-B
LOV12BFlap for Evolve projector 12W black€ 20Yes datasheet LOV12B
LOV24BFlap for Evolve projector 24W black€ 22Yes datasheet LOV24B
LOV48BFlap for Evolve projector 48W black€ 25Yes datasheet LOV48B
LOV72BFlap for Evolve projector 72W black€ 30Yes datasheet LOV72B
LOV120200BFlap Evolve projector 100/120/150/200W black€ 35Yes datasheet LOV120200B
FL-POLESupport for pole 60mm for floodlight Evolve€ 50Yes datasheet FL-POLE
FL-POLE-3Support for pole 60mm for floodlight Evolve€ 72No datasheet FL-POLE-3
IP68-connectConnection kit 3p IP68 2,5mm² male-female€ 12Yes datasheet IP68-connect
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