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DownlightQT downlightDOWN+Orient
Max. Lumen output295053631350
Lifetime40.000 L80B2050.000 L80B2050.000 L80B20

LED downlight

The most famous way to illuminate a company, store or home with LED lighting? That is guaranteed with LED spots. Yet this light source is also known by a different name, namely as LED downlights. Working with LED lighting therefore has several advantages. Are you interested?

Lighting of the future: LED downlight

For the general public, LED downlights are therefore better known as LED spots. Nowadays they offer unprecedented possibilities for shop lightingoffice lightingshowroom lighting, but also simply as interior lighting. In recent years, architects and project developers have been using standard LED spots in homes where this is possible. Both in new-build homes and in renovations, it is therefore a frequently-chosen light source. Since LED lighting is very energy efficient, it is considered the lighting of the future. Did you know that you can save 50% to 80% in energy? This is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Lighting for your project? Say yes to LED downlights

In addition to the fact that you can use LED downlights for different purposes, and that they save energy, they also have another advantage. Do you have security cameras in your company, store or showroom? Because LED spots have flicker-free drivers, the images will be clear and clear, so that they can be perfectly used as evidence in the event of burglary or other problems. LED downlights can easily be integrated into the ceiling. However, the fixture can also be mounted with the lamp protruding. We refer here to construction and installation. And yes, LED spots are also dimmable. Moreover, LED downlights are perfect for relighting. With only advantages in the offer, this investment is really worth it.

Led downlights from Integratech

Integratech stands for advanced LED lighting. You have come to the right place for LED downlights. All business customers such as installers, light planners, or store operators can come to us for a total concept of LED lighting. Due to the combination of modern design, the correct price-quality ratio, and the number of burning hours of the LED lamps, it is worth investing in LED lighting. For more explanation or any questions you can always contact us by telephone or e-mail.