Easy DALI dimmer

Integratech introduces a new range of Easy DALI dimmers.

Enjoy the advantages of DALI drivers without expensive control modules or time-consuming programming. On installation only the power and DALI bus need to be connected.

You can choose from a DALI rotary knob dimmer or a DALI push button dimmer, both equipped with a built-in DALI power supply.

  • Connection voltage 100-240VAC
  • DALI broadcast = no programming required
  • Maximum 50 DALI drivers on one DALI circuit
  • Maximum 4 dimmers on one DALI circuit
  • Maximum length DALI bus 300 metres
  • Cannot be combined with existing DALI system

LED dimmer TRIAC ZG-9040A

  • TRIAC phase cut
  • Suitable for dimmable LED lamp/LED driver
  • Maximum 200W
  • 2 or 3-wire cabling
  • Compact dimensions, fits in built-in box
  • Control with voltage-free push button or switch (also changeover)
  • Zigbee 3.0, compatible with Google Home , Philips Hue

1-10V dimmer SR-1009-1-10-PWM

  • Compatibel met draadloze hand/wandzenders
  • Compatible with wireless hand / wall transmitters






warranty 2 years

2 years

LED dimmer TRIAC


LED dimmer triac SR-ZG9040A

SR-ZG9040A data

SR-ZG9040A connect

SR-ZG9040A connect

1-10V dimmer


SR-1009-1-10-PWM connect

SR-1009-1-10-PWM connect


SR-1009-1-10V-PWM data

Drukknop converter SR-2833P



SR-2833P data

LED dimmer TRIAC LED dimmer triac SR-ZG9040A SR-ZG9040A connect 1-10V dimmer SR-1009-1-10-PWM connect SR-1009-1-10V-PWM Drukknop converter SR-2833P SR-2833P

LED dimmer

ReferenceDescriptionWattIPGross priceStockData
SR-ZG9040ADimmer 200W triac 2/3 wires push + Zigbee200IP20€ 75yesData
SR-1009-1-10-PWMReceiver 1-10V/PWM output + push button function2x20mAIP20€ 135yesData
ReferenceDescriptionUsed forGross priceStockData
SR-2819S-DIMExtra rf transmitter for DIM-CW kitSR-1009-1-10-PWM€ 75yesData
SR-2801RF transmitter for controller SR-2501N 5 zonesSR-1009-1-10-PWM€ 78NoData
DIM-RFKit remote control wall rf mono-color 1 channelSR-1009-1-10-PWM€ 160yesData
DIM-RF2Kit remote control wall rf mono-color 2 channelsSR-1009-1-10-PWM€ 160yesData
SR-2833PRF converter for push buttonSR-1009-1-10-PWM€ 45yesData
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