1. Generalities
Applicability: Only the current sales conditions apply between parties. They can be subject to prior and written deviations. The buyer is deemed to accept these by the mere fact of his order.
Authority: In the event of any disputes, only the Courts of the district of Leuven or the peace court in Diest are competent.

2. Prices, offers and orders
Prices: Our prices are net and exclusive of VAT. The prices in catalogs are only indicative and not binding. The official price is to be communicated via your commercial contact within the organisation.
Quotations: Applicable discount agreements are to be communicated when placing an order. Orders following a quotation must always mention the quotation number and the agreed net price, if not the standard conditions apply.
Orders: A transferred order binds the buyer, and is confirmed in writing by Integratech. Integratech always has the right to make partial deliveries. For small orders transport and administration costs may be charged. Different orders may not be cumulated until free delivery.

3. Deliveries
Risk: The goods are shipped at the risk of the buyer.
Delivery period: Indication of the delivery period is not binding and delays cannot result in any compensation or dissolution of the agreement, unless expressly stated otherwise. Goods are delivered unassembled, unless expressly agreed otherwise
Defects: Visible defects must be reported on the shipment note or consignment note and confirmed in writing at the latest 72 hours after delivery. Hidden defects must be reported in writing immediately after discovery and at the latest one (1) month after delivery. The customer must provide all defective products (and their original packaging with label) or defective packaging at the first request of Integratech for inspection. At the request of Integratech, the customer must also return all these products (and their original packaging with label) or defective packaging to Integratech.

4. Invoicing and payment
Complaints: All complaints regarding an invoice must be made in writing within eight (8) days after receipt of the invoice. Later complaints will not be taken into account.
Payment term: All our invoices are payable in cash, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the invoice. In the event of non-payment, Integratech reserves the right to discontinue further deliveries and to consider the agreement to be terminated legally (by operation of law) and without prior notice of default.
Interest and compensation: In the event of non-payment on the due date, interest will be due automatically at the rate of 8% per annum, as well as a compensation of 10% of the amount due, without a notice of default being required.
Retention of title: All delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the moment of payment.

5. Complaints and warranty
Guarantee: The product warranty only applies to the delivery of the complete appliance or its repair in our workshops. Placement or replacement at customer location is not part of the warranty. Delivered performances, travel and working hours, either by Integratech technicians or by the customer and / or end customer, can never give entitlement to guarantee payments. The compensation of working hours and / or other costs incurred in function of an intervention within the warranty period can be covered by Integratech, provided that a maintenance contract is entered into.
Complaints: At the time of delivery of the goods, the customer must review the received articles, materials and packaging and do a visual inspection. Any damage / shortages must be stated on the consignment note, shipment note, or via the driver’s scanner or via a damage document. This consignment note / claim document must be delivered to Integratech no later than within three (3) days of delivery, together with detailed information about the shortages and / or visible damage, including proof of these shortcomings (photographs etc.).

1. Sold goods are never taken back or exchanged. Subject to prior written agreement this can be deviated from, and only for current stock items, and with consideration of point 2 and 3.
2. The items must be unused and undamaged and in the original packaging and without any stickers on the original packaging. The items must be returned carriage paid.
3. Return shipment is only possible with 20% return costs for logistic and administrative handling if compliance with items 1 and 2. After 30 days, return shipment is no longer possible.
4. Via our website, under the section support, the customer must complete the return form, on which a number of mandatory fields must be filled in: customer details, send note, article code, number, reason for return. After confirmation by Integratech, the items can be returned. Incomplete return documents will be refused.
5. Items that are returned must be received within a reasonable period of time, seven (7) days after validation by Integratech. Articles that exceed this deadline will not be accepted. Integratech can not be held responsible in any way for any costs thereof.
6. The returned items must always be accompanied by this confirmed return document. Goods that are not confirmed by us cannot be returned, or they are not accepted on arrival. Integratech cannot be held responsible in any way for any costs thereof.
1. Defective items under guarantee can only be returned after validation of the return document (Via our website, via the form in the section “support”). A clear description of the defect is required.
2. Defective items under guarantee period are always replaced by us, these can never entitle to a refund of the articles.
3. Defective items must be returned to Integratech yourself, you cannot recover these costs from Integratech.
4. Defective items under guarantee period will only be replaced or repaired free of charge if we are in possession of a validated return document and the defective item itself.
5. Defective items that are returned to us without a validated return document will not be accepted.
6. Defective items outside warranty period will not be repaired.
7. Defective items that do not appear to be defective after a test period will not be repaired. These are always sent to the delivery address of the initial order. For this a fixed administrative and shipping cost of € 12 will be charged.
  1.  Demo devices are available on request for a period of 30 calendar days. You can request this by email at our mail address: sales@integratech.be.
  2. Demo devices will be invoiced at catalog price with an extra credit of 30 days.
  3. You must return this carriage paid within 30 calendar days of delivery.
  4. The items must be returned undamaged and in the original packaging, without any stickers on the original packaging.
  5. Demo devices are not devices to be used, they can only be used for evaluation. Integratech cannot take back the device if it is not delivered in its original, good condition.
  6. When the demo device is recieved in good condition, the customer will recieve a creditnota
  7. Only stock items can be obtained as demo device.
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