Led panel with style

Are you looking for a LED panel for your company or office? Integratech offers the best solutions. The Integratech LED panel helps you save 50 to 80% on your energy bill. In addition to the savings, our LED panel also offers comfort to the customer, thanks to its Flickr-Free property and the natural light that is emitted. Calculate your savings yourself with a LED panel from Integratech in our payback time calculator.

A LED panel is the ideal lighting for your office, reception, workshop. The ENEC approved driver guarantees flicker-free lighting, resulting in higher productivity and a less stress on the work floor.

Choose your LED panel

Lumen output4200397539725886
Lm/W up to130115115130
UGR<19>191717 (36W) 19 (50W)
Light guiding plate-PMMAPMMAPMMA

When to choose LED panels?

Because of the wide light radiation of a LED panel, it ensures a nice uniform light distribution in the room. This allows the panels to be used in almost any room, below are some examples:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Stores
  • Canteens
  • Hallways
  • Libraries

LED panels are also the 1-on-1 replacements for conventional fluorescent fixtures in relighting projects. Due to the low power of the panels, savings of 50% can easily be realized.

A LED panel and external driver are each ordered separately. In this way we give the installer the option to choose the driver according to the project. So you mainly have the choice between the power of the driver and whether or not it has to be dimmable.

In terms of efficiency, our LED panels score between 115-130 lm/W. Although the light output is good, our panels are not dazzling. This is an important factor, especially for workshops and places where VDU work is carried out. With the latter, a glare factor of UGR <19 must be ensured.

What mounting options do I have with an LED panel?

The LED panels can be placed in surface-mounted, recessed or suspended position.

  • With surface mounting, in most cases a surface-mounted frame is used. Here we offer the choice between a standard surface-mounted frame or rather a design surface-mounted frame. You can also choose to build the LED panel without a frame, using 4 mounting brackets.
  • By recessed mounting we mainly mean the installation of LED panels in a gyproc or system ceiling. For mounting in a gyproc ceiling, a built-in frame is usually used. After the hole has been sawn, the mounting frame is stretched between the gyproc, then the LED panel is placed in it. We do not need any accessories for system ceilings with visible profiles, the LED panels rest directly on the construction of the ceiling.
  • Finally, the LED panel can also be suspended. We use a suspension set for this. The latter is mounted directly on the back of the panel. It is also possible to work with a construction framework here. The LED panel is first mounted in the frame and then the pendant set is attached to the surface-mounted frame.

The external driver of the LED panel can be easily placed on top of the panel in any way of mounting.

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