Integratech, your partner for industrial LED lighting

Fact: in an office, a store or a factory hall, the light is more turned on than at home. Did you know that you can save between 50% and 80% in energy by switching to industrial LED lighting? Less energy consumption is also equivalent to a lower energy bill. Moreover, LED lamps last much longer. So it’s time to take a closer look at the lighting in your company!


Consider industrial LED lighting

Industrial LED lighting can do more than you would think at first. In this way, pleasant office lighting ensures that your employees will start their day motivated. You can also adjust the lighting in a store to put certain products in the spotlight. By using the right lighting, you will sell more. Light can also play a role in the hospitality industry. It can cause the dishes to look better. In addition, you need decent lighting that is resistant to vandalism in the parking lot, in order to increase the safety of your customers and your employees. It is therefore no easy task to consider the lighting plan of your company and to opt for industrial LED lighting.

A sustainable lighting plan with industrial LED lighting

When drawing up a sustainable lighting plan, pre-set environmental standards must be taken into account. The government therefore expects that unnecessary energy consumption will not be used. You are on the right track with industrial LED lighting from Integratech. Our products are not only high-quality in terms of burning hours, but also in terms of robustness, light output, and the components used. As a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting, we therefore develop sustainable solutions for various industrial applications. From sports fields to streets, from a warehouse to an office, we have the appropriate LED lighting for it! Moreover, all our products are very energy efficient, making it an interesting investment.

Integratech for all your industrial LED lighting

Integratech provides the correct guidance for choosing your industrial LED lighting. In short, you have come to the right place for advanced, economical and high-quality LED lighting with excellent service. Do you have any questions? Would you like more information about industrial LED lighting? Then please contact us.