Choose your downlight

DownlightQT downlightDOWN+Orient
Max. Lumen output295053631350
Lifetime40.000 L80B2050.000 L80B2050.000 L80B20

LED downlight

When to choose LED downlights?

A LED downlight is essentially comparable to a LED panel. However, downlights are more compact and usually have a round shape. In addition, downlights are already provided with mounting accessories, in most cases springs.

In addition to the LED downlight, you also have the LED spot, which we place in the same product group. The main difference between a LED downlight and LED spot is the radiation beam. With a LED spot this is mainly a narrow beam (eg 36 °) while a LED downlight radiates wide (eg 110 °).

In a large room, with the same number of spots as downlights, a more uniform light distribution will be achieved when using the downlights.

In terms of application, we are mainly in a professional environment here.  For example, think of:
– Hallways
– Conference rooms
– Showrooms
– Shop windows
– Entrance halls
– Reception desks
– Sanitary areas

A LED downlight is also an interesting choice to consider for relighting. Keep in mind that the installation size must correspond to the diameter of the existing hole. If this is not the case, a fitting ring can still be used.

What specifications does an LED downlight have?

Our downlights are each provided with a flicker-free external driver. A connection box is then connected to this, in which the in- and out cabling can be easily connected. When several luminaires are connected to the same circuit, it is therefore no longer necessary to provide a separate branch somewhere.
In addition, our downlights always have solid mounting clips. These are extremely sturdy, easy to install and are not too tight so that the ceiling is certainly not damaged.
Due to the shallow recess depth of our luminaires, they can be easily incorporated into most false ceilings.  Our downlights are TRIAC dimmable as standard, but they are also 1-10V or DALI dimmable available on order.  A warranty period of 5 years applies to all our downlights.

Led downlights from Integratech

Integratech stands for advanced LED lighting. You have come to the right place for LED downlights. All business customers such as installers, light planners, or store operators can come to us for a total concept of LED lighting. Due to the combination of modern design, the correct price-quality ratio, and the number of burning hours of the LED lamps, it is worth investing in LED lighting. For more explanation or any questions you can always contact us by telephone or e-mail.