Integra LED Tube T8
angle kelvin pf lumen per watt cri waarde ip waarde branduren jaren garantoe
120° 3000~4000K 0,96 130lm/W 82 20 50.000u

LED Tube T8 – High reliability

The Integra T8 LED tube is built up with the latest technology and in accordance with the 2013 European norms.
The LED tube can replace existing fluorescent tubes whilst preserving the conventional ballast, provided that the starter is replaced by the included LED starter.
When installing in appliances with electronic ballast, the wiring has to be adjusted.

The SMD2835 LED chips are mounted on an aluminum base for maximal heat dissipation.
The internal isolated driver is equipped with Rubycon capacitators with a durability of >50,000 hours and 100,000 switch cycles.

The T8 LED tube is equipped with a 180° adjustable 26 mm fitting that can be locked, making the LED tube suitable for fixtures with waterproof G13 fitting.
The one-sided connection guarantees complete safety during installation.

• Lumens output 130lm/W
• Opaque cover
• Beam angle 120°
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C
• Connection voltage: 100~277 VAC
• LED starter included

Article Watt CCT Lm Dimensions
Type: T82A063 Watt: 9 CCT: 3000 Lm: 1125 Afmetingen: 588×∅26mm
Type: T82A064 Watt: 9 CCT: 4000 Lm: 1170 Afmetingen: 588×∅26mm
Type: T82A0123 Watt: 18 CCT: 3000 Lm: 2250 Afmetingen: 1198×∅26mm
Type: T82A124 Watt: 18 CCT: 4000 Lm: 2340 Afmetingen: 1198×∅26mm
Type: T82A153 Watt: 30 CCT: 3000 Lm: 3700 Afmetingen: 1498×∅26mm
Type: T82A154 Watt: 30 CCT: 4000 Lm: 3850 Afmetingen: 1498×∅26mm