RF to 1-10V converter

All LED fittings that are equipped with a 1-10V driver, such as downlights, LED panels or industrial LED clocks, can be operated and dimmed wirelessly or with a push-button through the SR-1009-1-10-PWM.
The converter is compatible with Smartwifi and with all wireless transmitters form the SR-28** series.
When using a multi-zone transmitter with memory buttons, for example the SR-2819SDIM, you can switch on and off, dim and save your favorite dimming positions for several groups of LED fittings.

• Wireless or push-button controlling of LED fitting with 1-10V driver
• Compatible with all wireless transmitters from the SR-28** series
• 2 outputs 1-10V/PWM, max. 20mA per channel
• Works on 230VAC
• With internal switching relay 230V 10A

Article Description L W H
SR-1009-1-10-PWM RF/push converter to 1-10V 166 53,4 23
SR-2819S-DIM RF transmitter mono-color 4 zones 120 55 17
SR-2833K2 RF wall transmitter mono-color 2 zones 86 86 13,8
SR-2833P RF converter push-button 40 40 11,2