RGB+W-CW4Z – RGB or RGB+W wireless with transmitter

RGB+W-CW4Z is a wireless controller for RGB or RGB+W LED strips.
The RGB+W-CW4Z set is delivered in a handy box that contains all components for one zone.
The 24VDC power supply must be ordered separately based on the necessary capacity.
Per extra zone, you need to order a type SR-1009 receiver.

The wireless receiver can control up to 360W RGB or 480W RGB+W LED strips on 24VDC.
If more capacity is necessary, the installation can be extended with an extra receiver in slave mode.

• Wireless controlling and dimming of RGB or RGB+W LED strips
• Range up to 40 meters
• Handy color wheel for quick color choice
• Built-in automatic color loop
• 2-threaded master/slave connector
• Compatible with Smartwifi
• Control up to 4 separate zones or all together
• 3 memory buttons per zone
• Up to 8 transmitters per receiver
• Up to 480W on 24VDC
• Unlimited amount of receivers

Kit for 1 zone:
Article Description L W H
RGB+W-CW4Z Kit transmitter + 1 receiver RGB/RGB+W 200 190 60
SR-1009PD RF receiver for extra zone 166 53,4 23
SR-1009DIN RF receiver for extra zone DIN-rail 97 50 65
SR-2819S Extra RF transmitter for RGB+W-CW4Z 120 55 17
SR-2819SP RF transmitter with adjustable loop 120 55 17
SR-3002 Power repeater up to max. 750W 168 57 29