Push dimmer mono-color


The universal controller, SR-1009PD, has been expanded with a push-button controller for mono-color LED strips and replaces the SR-2501 push-button dimmer.
That way it becomes possible to combine an RF controller with a push-button controller.

• Controlling mono-color LED strips with a voltageless push-button
• Compatible with wireless remote control SR-2819S-DIM
• 2-threaded master/slave connector for extended capacity

Push dimmer RGB


SR-2501RGB is a push-button controller for RGB LED strips and can control up to 360W on 24VDC.
The uncomplicated push-button controller can easily be integrated in current switchgear.

• Controlling RGB LED strips with a voltageless push-button
• Adjust color and dim with only 1 push-button

Push dimmer:
Article Description L W H
SR-1009PD Push-button dimmer for mono-color 480W 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2501RGB Push-button dimmer for RGB LED strip 360W 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2819S-DIM RF transmitter for SR-1009PD mono-color 120 55 17