SR-2811-DMX – DMX wall panel

If the distance between operation and LED controller is too big for a wireless solution or a PWM signal, then the SR-2811DMW wall panel might offer a solution.
The DMX512 communication protocol originates from theater and enables addressing with a simplified wiring.
Bridging distances of over 100 meters is possible by using the DMX cable.
The SR-2811-DMX wall panel is equipped with a DMX512 output signal and can be combined with all DMX512 compatible controllers.
The DMX address of the wall panel is fixed for each color and cannot be changed.

• Controlling and dimming of RGB or RGB+W LED strips with DMX
• Handy color wheel for quick color choice
• Built-in automatic color loop
• Memory button
• Simulation of warm/neutral/cool white light
• Fixed repetitive DMX starting address

Kit for 1 zone:
Article Description L W H
SR-2811W-DMX Wall panel white with DMX output 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2811B-DMX Wall panel black with DMX output 97 50 65
SR-2102P DMX controller mono/bi/RGB(W) 4x5A 178,9 45,5 18,6
SR-2102DIN DMX controller mono/bi/RGB(W) 4x5A DIN-rail 97 50 65
SR-2102BEA DMX controller mono/bi/RGB(W) 4x8A 170 59 29
SR-2100 DMX signal amplifier-repeater 145 46 16