Bluetooth led strip control

The Integraconnect led strip controls use Bluetooth Low Energy communication and are IoT ready. The Bluetooth PWM controls can be easily set up and operated using the very user-friendly Casambi app, available on the Apple Store or Google Play. Thanks to the Mesh compatibility, all controllers are connected to each other and a seamless synchronisation is guaranteed.

The transceiver function of each control has the advantage that the operating range is not determined by a single control. See our Smartlighting chapter for more information. A control is available for each type of led strip. Most versions are also equipped with a push button control for switching the led strips on or off or to dim them.

Consult our chapter Integraconnect for more information.

Bluetooth led strip control
Article Description Watt L W H
ITC-MC2 Integraconnect PWM 12/24VDC mono-colour 2x4A, max. 190W 192 90 22 17
ITC-MC4 Integraconnect PWM 12/24VDC mono-color 4x4A, max. 384W DIN-rail 384 90 70 32
ITC-RGB Integraconnect PWM 12/24VDC RGB 3x4A, max. 288W DIN-rail 288 90 70 32
ITC-RGBW Integraconnect PWM 12/24VDC RGBW 4x4A, max. 384W DIN-rail 384 90 70 32
ITC-CCT Integraconnect PWM 12/24VDC bi-color 2x4A, max. 192W DIN-rail 192 90 70 32