Integratech Protect
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120° 4000K 0,9 130 lm/W 80 69K 50.000u 10


Extreme environments

When there is a need for extremely high protection, Protect is the right choice. Protect is a tubular device with an IP69K protection rating with stainless steel L316 end caps and mounting brackets. Protect comes with a connection cable of 2 metres, and a nylon cable gland.

Protect is available with:

Polycarbonate diffuser, suitable for industrial applications where aggressive soap solutions are used, e.g. car washes.

Polyethylene diffuser, suitable for agricultural applications such as stables where high concentrations of ammonia, methane or nitric oxide are present.

Article Description Watt CCT Lumen L D
PRO364PC Protect 1200mm 36W 4000K Polycarbonate IP69K 36 4000 4680 1200 75
PRO454PC Protect 1500mm 45W 4000K Polycarbonate IP69K 45 4000 5850 1500 75
PRO364PE Protect 1200mm 36W 4000K Polyethylene IP69K 36 4000 4680 1200 75
PRO454PE Protect 1500mm 45W 4000K Polyethylene IP69K 45 4000 5850 1500 75