led klokarmatuur IBL Bayled
stralingshoek ibl kelvin waarde ibl pf waarde ibl ibl lumen per watt cri waarde ibl ip waarde ibl ibl aantal branduren ibl IK waarde ibl heeft 5 jaar garantie
120° 4000K 0,95 115-140 80 65 50.000u IK08

IBL Bayled | High & Fast ROI

IBL is an innovative industrial fitting with a focus on its unique cooling system.
IBL is very compactly designed thanks to the application of “cold-forge pure aluminum type 1070”.
The great advantage of this cooling system, that consists of one piece of pressed aluminum, is the extraordinary heat conductivity factor of
226 W/m.K.
In practice, that means that the created heat is transported three times faster to the ambient air which markedly increases the durability.

IBL is equipped with an exchangeable PCB with NICHIA SMD LED chips and a dimmable 1-10V Meanwell HBG driver which ensures an easy service and maintenance.
Device output standard version 115lm/W, color temperature 4000K.
The device is provided with an opaque polycarbonate cover for a pleasant lighting that is less blinding.
A daylight sensor can be connected directly to the 1-10V input, meaning that the light output can be dimmed depending on the present daylight.
As of now, the IBL is available in a high output version with transparent cover and an output of 140lm/W.

• Unique one-piece cooling system
• IP65 housing
• Exchangeable LED source
• Dimmable 1-10V Meanwell HBG driver
• Standard light beam 120°, separate reflectors available
• Operating temperature between -30° and +55 °C

Article Description Watt CCT Lumen L W H
IBL1004 IBL 100W 4000K IP65 1-10V 100 4000 11593 260 260 183
IBL1504 IBL 150W 4000K IP65 1-10V 150 4000 17154 260 260 183
IBL2004 IBL 200W 4000K IP65 1-10V 200 4000 22756 290 290 208
IBL2404 IBL 240W 4000K IP65 1-10V 240 4000 27300 290 290 218
IBL1004HE IBL HE 100W 4000K IP65 1-10V 100 4000 13800 260 260 183
IBL1504HE IBL HE 150W 4000K IP65 1-10V 150 4000 20700 260 260 183
IBL2004HE IBL HE 200W 4000K IP65 1-10V 200 4000 27600 290 290 208
IBL2404HE IBL HE 240W 4000K IP65 1-10V 240 4000 33120 290 290 218
IBL-R60 Reflector aluminum 60gr for IBL 350 350 150
IBL-R100 Reflector aluminum 100gr for IBL 355 355 150
IBL-PC70 Reflector prismatic 70gr for IBL 410 410 280
INTS110 Daylight sensor with 1-10V output IP20 21,47 21,47 18,5