waterdichte led verlichting hwdl
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120° 4000K 0,95 130 lm/W 80 65 40.000u IK08

HWDL – Resistant to humidity and dust

HWDL is the ideal LED replacement for the classic fluorescent fittings for dusty and humid environments.
Because of the strengthened base and a polycarbonate opaque cover, a very solid device with an impact resistance of IK08 is achieved.
The Integratech HWDL fitting has a very high efficiency of 130 lumen/Watt by using the newest Epistar SMD2835 LED chips.
The Epistar LEDs are fixed on an aluminum base creating a much better heat conductivity compared to fittings with a sheet steel base.

By using an aluminum base in combination with a flicker free and high-quality driver, a life span of >40,000 hours is achieved.
The 36 and 50W version are always equipped with 3 LED lines. In combination with the polycarbonate cover, that results in a clear and homogeneous light image without visible light lines in the fitting.
By default, HWDL is delivered with RVS clips that can be locked which ensures that the device retains its IP65 value, even after a long mounting time.

Both sides of the device are equipped with a 5-pole quick connector and 5-pole through-wiring of 1.5mm², which makes the device perfect for mounting in series and emergency current circuits.

The 36 and 50W versions are also available with a built-in emergency unit of 1 hour (type EM). On a project base (minimum ordering amount) available with 1-10V/DALI dimmable driver.

• Very strong, impact resistance IK08
• High light output 130lm/W
• Homogeneous light image, no visible LED lines
• Aluminum base plate for optimal cooling
• Durable RVS clips
• 5-pole through-wiring

Article Description Watt CCT Lumen L W H
HWDL6094 HWDL single 9W 680mm IP65 4000K 9 4000 1150 680 75 69
HWDL12184 HWDL single 18W 1200mm IP65 4000K 18 4000 2350 1285 75 69
HWDL15254 HWDL single 25W 1500mm IP65 4000K 25 4000 3250 1588 75 69
HWDL6184 HWDL 18W 680mm IP65 4000K 18 4000 2250 680 120 69
HWDL12364 HWDL 36W 1200mm IP65 4000K 36 4000 4700 1285 120 69
HWDL15504 HWDL 50W 1500mm IP65 4000K 50 4000 6500 1588 120 69
With built-in emergency unit:
HWDL12364EM HWDL 36W 1200mm IP65 4000K emergency 1h 36 4000 4200 1285 120 69
HWDL15504EM HWDL 50W 1500mm IP65 4000K emergency 1h 50 4000 6500 1588 120 69