Industrie verlichting HBRO
stralingshoek kelvin pf waarde lumen per watt cri waarde ip waarde aantal branduren ik waarde 5 jaar garantie flikker vrij
120° 4000K 0,95 110 80 65 50.000u IK06

HBRO – Industrial security

HBRO BayLED is a robust industrial fitting with an aluminum IP65 base and is ENEC certified.
The device is equipped with an exchangeable PCB with Philips LumiLEDs T LED chips and a 1-10V Meanwell driver which ensure an easy service and maintenance.
HBRO has an device output of 110Lm/W with a color temperature of 4000K.
HBRO is fitted with a faceted glass cover for a pleasant light that is less blinding.

Thanks to the use of a new alloy for the cooling fins and a thermally conductive substrate for the PCB mounting, a lower diode temperature is achieved, which results in a longer conservation of lumens.
The housing has been treated with an “Akso Nobel interpon 600” polyester coating with anti-corrosive protection. Suitable for input voltages
between 85 and 265 VAC, which makes it ideal for environments where voltage fluctuations are often present.
The operating temperature is between -30° and +55°C.
A 1-10V daylight sensor can be connected directly to the dimmable driver, meaning that the light output can be dimmed automatically depending on the present daylight.

• IP65 housing
• Exchangeable LED source
• Philips LumiLED T
• Dimmable 1-10V Meanwell driver
• Faceted cover
• ENEC certified

Article Description Watt CCT Lumen L W H
HBRO100-4000 Bayled HBRO 100W 4000K IP65 1-10V 100 4000 10200 320 320 200
HBRO150-4000 Bayled HBRO 150W 4000K IP65 1-10V 150 4000 16600 380 380 208
HBRO200-4000 Bayled HBRO 200W 4000K IP65 1-10V 220 4000 24000 440 440 227
INTS110 Daylight sensor 1-10V IP20 21,47 21,47 18,5