LED Strips Connectors

Connecting without soldering

Integratech introduces a new type of connector for joining or connecting LED strips.
The LS type connector is a strong and solid clip connector that has insulation displacements.
It is available for IP20 and IP65 LED strips with silicone coating.

Through the transparent housing and the unique design, this clip connector is suitable for all types of LED strips with a width between 8 and 12 mm.

The LS type is available in 2 executions:

•Type C: clip connector with integrated cable connections for a 0.34~0.5mm² supple cable
•Type M: double clip connector for a seamless connection without loss of light

Standard connectors
Article Description
LS-C-IP20-8-2 Led strip connector IP20 mono 8mm 0,75mm²
LS-C-IP20-10-2 Led strip connector IP20 mono 10mm 0,75mm²
LS-C-IP20-10-3 Led strip connector IP20 bicolor 10mm 0,75mm²
LS-C-IP20-10-4 Led strip connector IP20 RGB 10mm 0,75mm²
LS-C-IP20-12-5 Led strip connector IP20 RGBW 12mm 0,75mm²
LS-C-IP20-12-6 Led strip connector IP20 RGBWW 12mm 0,75mm²
LS-M-IP20-8-2 Led strip connection IP20 mono 8mm
LS-M-IP20-10-2 Led strip connection IP20 mono 10mm
LS-M-IP20-10-3 Led strip connection IP20 bicolor 10mm
LS-M-IP20-10-4 Led strip connection IP20 RGB 10mm
LS-M-IP20-12-5 Led strip connection IP20 RGB+W 10mm
LS-M-IP20-12-6 Led strip connection IP20 RGBWW 12mm
Connectors extra small: NEW!
Article Description
LS-CSM-IP20-8-2 Clip connector IP20 mono 8mm 0,5mm²
LS-CSM-IP20-10-2 Clip connector IP20 mono 10mm 0,5mm²
LS-MSM-IP20-8-2  Clip connection IP20 mono 8mm 0,5mm²
LS-MSM-IP20-10-2  Clip connection IP20 mono 10mm 0,5mm²