SPL35 is a multifunctional ‘LEDs dots free’ LED profile with a cooling capacity of 30W/m. It can be installed in three ways:
recess, surface or pendant mounting. For recess mounting, a recess cassette can be used so the profile does not have visible edges, which ensures a clean finish. The polycarbonate cover is UV-resistant and available in prismatic or opaque finish.

Accessories for connection in series, a 90° corner piece for both vertical and horizontal mounting are available.
For the trimless recess version a drop protection is available.

Light reduction transparent cover: 3%
Light reduction opaque cover: 25%
Suitable for LED strips up to 12 mm wide.

Led profile:
Article Description L W H
LP-AL-SPL35-M2 LED profile SPL35 opaque cover 2m 2000 35 35
LP-AL-SPL35-K2 LED profile SPL35 prism cover 2m 2000 35 35
EC-SPL End cap for profile SPL35 35 1 35
LC-LIN Linear connector SPL35 100 10 4
90LC-HOR Corner piece 90° SPL35 615 395 190
MC-CAB-1,6 Pendant set 1,6m SPL35 (2 pieces) 1 1 1,6
Inbouw trimless montage:
AL-BA-TLESS-2 Recess base trimless SPL35/SS20 2m 2000 96,3 44,5
MC-SPL-MAG Mounting set recess base SPL35 (2 pieces) 55 55 15
MC- KEY-SPL Positioning key SPL35 35 2 40
MC-LOCK Steel cable drop protection SPL35/SS20 1 1 25
Necessary accessories:
2x AL-BA-TLESS-2 per profile
1x MC-SPL-MAG per profile
2x EC-SPL per installation
1x MC- KEY-SPL per installation