Slimline wide15


The Slimline Wide aluminum profiles series are available for surface or recess mounting, in 8 or 15 mm height.
The 15 mm version is preferable because its light distribution is more even.
The LEDs are further removed from the plexi, which results in LED dots that are less visible. Slimline Wide is suitable for DUAL LED strips because of its wider execution. The profiles are 2m long, executed in anodized aluminum and are delivered with a UV-resistant polycarbonate cover.
Mounting accessories such as end caps and mounting brackets have to be ordered separately.

Light reduction transparent cover: 3%
Light reduction opaque cover: 25%
Suitable for LED strips up to 18mm wide.

Article Description L W H
LP-AL-SLW15-K2 LED profile SlimLine Wide 15mm transparent 2m 2000 22,6 15,66
LP-AL-SLW15-M2 LED profile SlimLine Wide 15mm opaque 2m 2000 22,6 15,66
LP-EC-SLW15-H3 End cap SlimLine Wide 15mm 22,6 1 15,66
LP-EC-SLW15-H4 End cap SlimLine Wide 15mm with cable entry 22,6 1 15,66
LP-MC-SLW15 Mounting bracket for SlimLine Wide 15mm 24 1 15