Heavy duty

The Alu-Epoxy LED profile is a very strong aluminum profile and offers excellent cooling for LED strips, which automatically extends the life span of the LEDs. The load test shows that the thermic conductivity of this profile goes up to 55W/m (Ta 25° C) for the DUAL LED strips and 36W/m for SINGLE LED strips.

The Epoxy profile can be used for indoor applications in surface, recess or pendant mounting.
The profile is compatible with a ‘T-sleeve’ pendant suspension.
The new generation of diffusers with satin matt finish limits the light reduction and increases the light output significantly.

Article Description L W H
LP-AL-EPOXY-2 LED profile Epoxy without diffuser 2m 2000 24,2 16
LP-AB-EP-K2 Diffuser transparent for LED profile Epoxy 2000 24,2 1
LP-AB-EP-M2 Diffuser opaque for LED profile Epoxy 2000 24,2 1
LP-MC-CAB-2 Pendant set for LED profile Epoxy 1000 2 2
LP-EC-EP-PMMA-H1 End cap for LED profile Epoxy with diffuser 24,2 16 1