Fact: LED lighting contains more lighting options than the term suggests. There is no such thing as one type of LED lighting. For example, there are LED panels that you can easily integrate into a system ceiling. There are also LED tracklights to put products in the spotlight. We are thinking, for example, of a new model in the showroom of a car dealer. We would like to introduce you to the various products that LED lighting has to offer.


Range of LED lighting

From LED panels to LED emitters, from LED strips to LED spots, there is a lighting option for every application. Whether you are working in utility construction, as an architect working on a renovation with relighting, or looking for lighting for your office, it pays to reflect on LED lighting. Did you know that you can save up to 50% to 80% in energy by choosing this light source?


LED lighting as the icing on the cake

With the help of LED lighting you can put certain elements in the spotlight in your store or business. How? By focusing the lighting on places where it is needed. This is even very easy with LED tracklights or LED downlights. This makes LED lighting a frequently used light source in shoe stores, showrooms, clothing stores, but also at bakers or butchers. You can also accentuate your products with LED strips. In addition, you are certain that the luminaires will last a long time and, furthermore, remain optimally usable. So you will not only save energy, but also get acquainted with a quality product. At the office or in classrooms you better opt for LED panels. Because LED lighting does not flicker and is very quiet for the eyes, they create the ideal working environment. Do you need to illuminate a large area? Then LED emitters are the perfect solution. They serve, for example, to put buildings in the spotlight, to illuminate city parks, and even to provide construction sites with light.


There is only one place for your LED lighting: Integratech!

Integratech develops high-quality and professional LED lighting for business purposes. The application possibilities are therefore wide. From office lighting to shop lighting, from industrial LED lighting to lighting for utility buildings, these are just a few options where LED lamps come into their own. The words energy-efficient, high-quality and fashionable therefore perfectly combine LED lighting. Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.