Led Track Light

Did you know that you can put certain products in your store or company in the spotlight by creating a tracklight on them? By bundling the light bundles in the LED tracklights, your products are emphasized extra, yet subtly. In addition, the light is pleasant to look at and there will be no blinding effect if you look at the product in the spotlight for a long time.

In the spotlight with LED track lights

LED tracklights are particularly suitable as shop lighting or as showroom lighting, but this light source can also be useful in industry, the office, or even as interior lighting. If you have ever heard of LED rail lighting, you have already become acquainted with the qualities of LED tracklights. These two synonyms are therefore used interchangeably. By focusing the lighting on places where it is needed, you can put certain products in the spotlight. As a result, this LED lighting is often used in clothing stores, shoe stores, showrooms, but also in museums, for example. As LED lighting does not contain any harmful substances, for example, as a baker you can perfectly use LED tracklights to promote a cake.

Benefits of track lights

Nowadays you will often find LED tracklights as a lighting source, which is very logical. LED lamps are not only high-quality, but also ensure low energy consumption in the long term. You can even save up to 80% in energy per year. In addition to saving energy, LED tracklights have another advantage. The universal three-phase rails make them easier to adjust. This means that you can decide for yourself how to place the LED spots. If you regularly adjust the design of your store or counter, you can simply move the LED tracklights along with it. Win win.

LED track lights? At Integratech!

The core values of Integratech LED tracklights are: energy efficient, high-quality and advanced. With an average of 40,000 burning hours and 10,000 circuits you will be able to enjoy your LED lighting for a long time. In addition, they have a flicker-free driver, making it an interesting light source in combination with camera surveillance. There are different lenses available for LED lighting, namely 10 °, 15 ° or 25 °. Are you interested in our LED lighting? Do not hesitate to contact us.