Led strip RGB

Integratech offers an extensive choice of professional quality LED strips for a wide range of applications.

Choose your LED strip according to the desired application or use our LED strip selection aid. With the ‘LED strip selection aid’ tool you get an overview of which LED strip is suitable for your project, which LED profile you can use and what type of power supply and/or control you need to complete your project from A to Z.

LED strip RGB

Play with colors

  • Roll of 5 meters
  • Available in IP20 or IP67 version for outdoor applications
  • Connection cable of 30cm on both sides
  • Copper thickness 3 Oz guarantees sturdy print circuits and soldering
  • LED lifespan 67,000h L80B20
  • 5 years warranty
led strip selection aid
LedstripKleurSpanningVermogenSMD# ledsMax. LmSectieMax. lengte  
120LED colorRood24VDC7,6W/m2835120/m287/m50mm10m
120LED colorGroen24VDC7,6W/m2835120/m845/m50mm10m
120LED colorBlauw24VDC7,6W/m2835120/m198/m50mm10m

LedstripKleurSpanningVermogenSMD# ledsMax. LmSectieMax. lengte  
60RGBWRGB + wit24VDC19,2W/m505060/m1139/m100mm5m
60RGBWWRGB + bicolor 2700~4000K24VDC24W/m505060/m1163/m100mm5m
Max. length = maximum length in series with power supply on one side.