Overview of LED strip controls

Integratech has an extensive range of LED strip controls. Our offer varies from standard push-button controls to advanced controls with DALI or DMX.

Type of controlFunctionOperationWiring
TRIACDimming ledflex with TRIAC dimmerRotary or push button dimmer TRIACFrom TRIAC dimmer to controller
DrukknopDimming ledflex with push buttonOn/off: short press, dim: long pressConnect push button to control
PWMOperation and control in oneFor RGB or RGB+W ledflexLedflex directly connected to the wall panel
1-10VUse 1-10V dimmerDimming between 10 and 100% with 1-10V signal2-wire 1-10V (current control)
DALIUse DALI dimmer/masterDimming between 0 and 100% with DALI signal2-wire DALI bus, 1 address per channel
DMXUsing DMX controlDimming between 0 and 100% with DMX signal2-wire DMX bus, 1 address per channel
RFOperate with RF signal 434/868 MHzTransmitter and 1 controller required per zone/circuitWireless, range up to 40 meters
BLEBluetooth low energyControl via app on smartphoneWireless, range up to 30~50 meters

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