Linear lighting – Led line Dreamline

High-end linear lighting

  • Endlessly combinable line lighting system
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 8-wire support profile for 3 phase dimming/emergency
  • LED module with adjustable power 25~75W
  • Osram driver not dimmable or DALI available from stock

















5 years



Dreamline standard versions:

  • 75W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

  • 120°

  • 90°

  • 60°

  • 30°

  • 2×25°

  • 25° L/R

Feel free to contact us for more available options:

  • black finishing
  • LED modules for support profiles of other brands

The led module is equipped with the latest Edison SMD2835 led chips with an efficiency up to 160lm/W. The led module comes by default with a 90° lens and is available in colour temperature 3000 and 4000K. Various lenses are available on a project basis: 30°, 60°, 120° (with opal cover) and asymmetrical lenses.

You can easily select the desired phase on the led module with the help of the phase connector. The power of the led module is adjustable between 25W and 75W by means of dip switches on the ENEC approved Osram driver.

Contact us so that we can work out the configuration according to your wishes.

Integratech Dreamline


Integratech Dreamline


Dreamline suspension


Dreamline black version








Dreamline lens


Dreamline draagrail


Dreamline connect


Dreamline 120°

Dreamline 120°

Dreamline 90°

Dreamline 90°

Dreamline universal

Dreamline UNI

Dreamline voeding


Dreamline voeding connector


Dreamline 3-fase rail


Dreamline bocht


Dreamline montage


Integratech Dreamline Integratech Dreamline Dreamline suspension Dreamline black version Dreamline Dreamline Dreamline Dreamline lens Dreamline draagrail Dreamline connect Dreamline 120° Dreamline 90° Dreamline universal Dreamline voeding Dreamline voeding connector Dreamline 3-fase rail Dreamline bocht Dreamline montage
Integratech Dreamline

Dreamline support profile

ReferenceDescriptionLWHGross priceStockDataManual
B1508Support profile Dreamline 1437mm 1U 8x2,5mm2143764,550€ 55yes datasheet B1508 Handleiding B1508
B3008Support profile Dreamline 2874mm 2U 8x2,5mm2287464,550€ 90yes datasheet B3008 Handleiding B3008
A15TRA3FDreamline module 1437mm with 3-f rail for tracklights 700mm143764,520€ 90No datasheet A15TRA3F Handleiding A15TRA3F
A15PIRDALIDreamline module 1437mm microwave sensor DALI143764,520€ 130No datasheet A15PIRDALI Handleiding A15PIRDALI

Dreamline support profile mounting accessories

ReferenceDescriptionLWHGross priceStockDataManual
DMA001Dreamline ceiling bracket64,54015€ 3yes datasheet DMA001 Handleiding DMA001
DMA002Dreamline pending suspension with steel wire 2m20001,51,5€ 7yes datasheet DMA002 Handleiding DMA002
A15CADreamline plastic cover 1437mm143764,51,5€ 12yes datasheet A15CA Handleiding A15CA
A15CBDreamline alu cover 1437mm143764,56,5€ 25No datasheet A15CB Handleiding A15CB
DMA005Dreamline endcap for support profile64,51050€ 2yes datasheet DMA005 Handleiding DMA005
DMA005SSDreamline steel endbox for support profile29964,550€ 18yes datasheet DMA005SS Handleiding DMA005SS
DMA006-8Dreamline female connector 8p 8x2,5mm²602515€ 7yes datasheet DMA006-8 Handleiding DMA006-8
DMA006M-8Dreamline connecor bloc 8p 230V 15A 8x2,5mm2 male602515€ 7yes datasheet DMA006M-8 Handleiding DMA006M-8
DMA013-8Dreamline power connection bloc 8x2,5mm²29964,550€ 32yes datasheet DMA013-8 Handleiding DMA013-8
DMAL8Dreamline left corner 90gr 8p29964,550€ 42No datasheet DMAL8 Handleiding DMAL8
DMAR8Dreamline right corner 90g 8p29964,550€ 42No datasheet DMAR8 Handleiding DMAR8
DMAT8Dreamline T connection 8p50527250€ 60No datasheet DMAT8 Handleiding DMAT8
DMAX8Dreamline X connection 8p50550550€ 80No datasheet DMAX8 Handleiding DMAX8
DMAPROF1500Cable guide for Dreamline profile 1.5 m143764,56,5€ 45No datasheet DMAPROF1500 Handleiding DMAPROF1500

Dreamline LED module non dimmable with Osram driver

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenDimGross priceStockDataLDTManual
DMA15754R120Dreamline module 63W 120° 4000K Osram non-dim63120°9236no€ 115yes datasheet DMA15754R120 LDT file DMA15754R120 Handleiding DMA15754R120
DMA15754R90Dreamline module 63W 90° 4000K Osram non-dim6390°9717no€ 115yes datasheet DMA15754R90 LDT file DMA15754R90 Handleiding DMA15754R90
DMA15754R60Dreamline module 63W 60° 4000K Osram non-dim6360°9112no€ 120No datasheet DMA15754R60 LDT file DMA15754R60 Handleiding DMA15754R60
DMA15754R30Dreamline module 63W 30° 4000K Osram non-dim6330°9112no€ 120No datasheet DMA15754R30 LDT file DMA15754R30 Handleiding DMA15754R30
DMA15754R25LDreamline module 63W L25° 4000K Osram non-dim6325°9752no€ 120No datasheet DMA15754R25L LDT file DMA15754R25L Handleiding DMA15754R25L
DMA15754R25RDreamline module 63W R25° 4000K Osram non-dim6325°9752no€ 120No datasheet DMA15754R25R LDT file DMA15754R25R Handleiding DMA15754R25R
DMA15754R2x25Dreamline module 63W 2x25° 4000K Osram non-dim632x25°9752no€ 120No datasheet DMA15754R2x25 LDT file DMA15754R2x25 Handleiding DMA15754R2x25

Dreamline LED module DALI dimmable Osram driver

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenDimGross priceStockDataLDTManual
DMA15754R120DADreamline module 63W 120° 4000K Osram DALI63120°9236DALI€ 175yes datasheet DMA15754R120DA LDT file DMA15754R120DA Handleiding DMA15754R120DA
DMA15754R90DADreamline module 63W 90° 4000K DALI Osram6390°9717DALI€ 175yes datasheet DMA15754R90DA LDT file DMA15754R90DA Handleiding DMA15754R90DA
DMA15754R60DADreamline module 63W 60° 4000K DALI Osram6360°9112DALI€ 180No datasheet DMA15754R60DA LDT file DMA15754R60DA Handleiding DMA15754R60DA
DMA15754R30DADreamline module 63W 30° 4000K DALI Osram6330°9112DALI€ 180No datasheet DMA15754R30DA LDT file DMA15754R30DA Handleiding DMA15754R30DA
DMA15754R25LDADreamline module 63W L25° 4000K DALI Osram6325°9752DALI€ 180No datasheet DMA15754R25LDA LDT file DMA15754R25LDA Handleiding DMA15754R25LDA
DMA15754R25RDADreamline module 63W R25° 4000K DALI Osram6325°9752DALI€ 180No datasheet DMA15754R25RDA LDT file DMA15754R25RDA Handleiding DMA15754R25RDA
DMA15754R2x25DADreamline module 63W 2x25° 4000K DALI Osram632x25°9752DALI€ 180No datasheet DMA15754R2x25DA LDT file DMA15754R2x25DA Handleiding DMA15754R2x25DA

Dreamline LED module with emergency unit

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenLumen factorDimGross priceStockDataLDTManual
DMA15754R120EMDreamline module 63W 120° 4000K emergency 3h63120°923610Wno€ 200yes datasheet DMA15754R120EM LDT file DMA15754R120EM Handleiding DMA15754R120EM
DMA15754R90EMDreamline module 63W 90° 4000K emergency 3h6390°971710Wno€ 200yes datasheet DMA15754R90EM LDT file DMA15754R90EM Handleiding DMA15754R90EM
DMA15754R120DAEMDreamline module 63W 120° 4000K DALI emergency 3h63120°923610WDALI€ 260yes datasheet DMA15754R120DAEM LDT file DMA15754R120DAEM Handleiding DMA15754R120DAEM
DMA15754R90DAEMDreamline module 63W 90° 4000K DALI emergency 3h6390°971710WDALI€ 260yes datasheet DMA15754R90DAEM LDT file DMA15754R90DAEM Handleiding DMA15754R90DAEM

Dreamline universal LED module

Suitable for existing profiles from other brands:
Trilux, Veko, Regiolux, Siteco, Fluolite, Zumtobel, Ludwig, Philips, Ridi, Lite-licht

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenDimGross priceStockDataLDTManual
DMAUNI15754R120Dreamline retrofit 63W 120° 4000K Osram non-dim63120°9236no€ 165No datasheet DMAUNI15754R120 LDT file DMAUNI15754R120 Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R90Dreamline universal 63W 90x110° 4000K Osram6390°9717no€ 165No datasheet DMAUNI15754R90 LDT file DMAUNI15754R90 Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R120DADreamline universal 63W 120° 4000K DALI Osram63120°9236DALI€ 215No datasheet DMAUNI15754R120DA LDT file DMAUNI15754R120DA Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R90DADreamline universal 63W 90x110° 4000K DALI Osram6390°9717DALI€ 215No datasheet DMAUNI15754R90DA LDT file DMAUNI15754R90DA Handleiding DMAUNI

Dreamline universal LED module with emergency unit

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenLumen factorDimGross priceStockDataLDTManual
DMAUNI15754R120EMDreamline retrofit 63W 120° 4000K EM 3h Osram63120°923610Wno€ 230No datasheet DMAUNI15754R120EM LDT file DMAUNI15754R120EM Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R90EMDreamline universal 63W 90x110° 4000K EM 3h Osram6390°971710Wno€ 230No datasheet DMAUNI15754R90EM LDT file DMAUNI15754R90EM Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R120DAEMDreamline universal 63W 120° 4000K DALI EM 3h63120°923610WDALI€ 280No datasheet DMAUNI15754R120DAEM LDT file DMAUNI15754R120DAEM Handleiding DMAUNI
DMAUNI15754R90DAEMDreamline universal 63W 90x110° 4000K DALI EM 3h6390°971710WDALI€ 260No datasheet DMAUNI15754R90DAEM LDT file DMAUNI15754R90DAEM Handleiding DMAUNI

Dreamline universal mounting accessoiries

ReferenceDescriptionGross priceStockDataManual
DREAMUNI0027Power connector for Dreamline retrofit 7-pole€ 35No datasheet DREAMUNI0027 Handleiding DREAMUNI0027
DREAMUNI003-715Cable Dreamline retrofit male/female 1,5m 7x1,5€ 50No datasheet DREAMUNI003-715 Handleiding DREAMUNI0027
DREAMUNI003-730Cable Dreamline retrofit male/female 3m 7x1,5€ 70No datasheet DREAMUNI003-730 Handleiding DREAMUNI0027

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