LED floodlight for sport fields

Brightmaster BM3 for lighting industry and sports fields

  • internal control unit, no LED failure with one faulty driver
  • surge protection 10kV
  • compact IP66 housing = minimal wind load
  • efficiency up to 150lm/W
  • interpon coating
  • separate driver box available
  • universal bracket with integrated spirit level
  • ENEC certification



up to 150
















5 years



Brightmaster standard versions:

  • 450W

  • 650W

  • 900W

  • 1350W

  • 4000K

Feel free to contact us for more available options:

  • Colour temperature 3000K or 5700K
  • Dimmable 1-10V, DALI

Brightmaster BM3 is an extremely efficient luminaire with a very long life span. The fully enclosed driver box is equipped with an internal connection box and an electronic control unit. If one power supply fails, the other power supplies take over. An indication LED indicates when a power supply is defective, so that no urgent interventions are needed anymore.

What does EPA mean ?
BM3 450W

BM3 450W

BM3 650W

BM3 650W

BM3 900W

BM3 900W

BM3 1350W

BM3 1350W

BM3 pole


BM3 lens


BM3 heakschrink


BM3 leveler




BM3 450W dimensions

BM3 450W data

BM3 650w dimensions

BM3 650W data

BM3 900w dimensions

BM3 900W data

BM3 1350w dimensions

BM3 1350W data

BM3 bracket dimensions

BM3 data

BM3 450W BM3 650W BM3 900W BM3 1350W BM3 pole BM3 lens BM3 heakschrink BM3 leveler BM3 BM3 450W dimensions BM3 650w dimensions BM3 900w dimensions BM3 1350w dimensions BM3 bracket dimensions
Integratech BM3

Industrial floodlight BM3

ReferenceDescriptionWatt^LumenDimKgEPA m²Gross priceStockDataLDTManual
BM3-450415Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K 15°406~44215°54700~57500no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-450415 LDT file BM3-450415 Handleiding BM3-450415
BM3-450425Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K 25°438~47525°63600~68900no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-450425 LDT file BM3-450425 Handleiding BM3-450425
BM3-450460Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K 60°438~47560°63600~68900no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-450460 LDT file BM3-450460 Handleiding BM3-450460
BM3-4504110Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K 110°447~472110°65700~70200no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-4504110 LDT file BM3-4504110 Handleiding BM3-4504110
BM3-4504AS13025Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K asym 130x25°438~475130x25°59200~66500no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-4504AS13025 LDT file BM3-4504AS13025 Handleiding BM3-4504AS13025
BM3-4504AS13040Brightmaster BM3 450W 4000K asym 130x40°438~475130x40°59200~66500no18.5€ 1320No datasheet BM3-4504AS13040 LDT file BM3-4504AS13040 Handleiding BM3-4504AS13040
BM3-650415Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K 15°609~66315°82700~86300no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-650415 LDT file BM3-650415 Handleiding BM3-650415
BM3-650425Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K 25°658~71325°95400~103400no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-650425 LDT file BM3-650425 Handleiding BM3-650425
BM3-650460Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K 60°658~71360°95400~103400no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-650460 LDT file BM3-650460 Handleiding BM3-650460
BM3-6504110Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K 110°670~707110°98500~105300no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-6504110 LDT file BM3-6504110 Handleiding BM3-6504110
BM3-6504AS13025Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K asym 130x25°658~713130x25°88800~99800no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-6504AS13025 LDT file BM3-6504AS13025 Handleiding BM3-6504AS13025
BM3-6504AS13040Brightmaster BM3 650W 4000K asym 130x40°658~713130x40°88800~99800no28€ 1850No datasheet BM3-6504AS13040 LDT file BM3-6504AS13040 Handleiding BM3-6504AS13040
BM3-900415Brightmaster BM3 900W 4000K 15°812~88515°86300no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-900415 LDT file BM3-900415 Handleiding BM3-900415
BM3-900425Brightmaster BM3 900W 4000K 25°877~95125°103400no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-900425 LDT file BM3-900425 Handleiding BM3-900425
BM3-900460Brightmaster BM3 900W 4000K 60°877~95160°103400no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-900460 LDT file BM3-900460 Handleiding BM3-900460
BM3-9004110New Brightmaster 900W 4000K 110°894~943110°14050no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-9004110 LDT file BM3-9004110 Handleiding BM3-9004110
BM3-9004AS13025Brightmaster BM3 900W 4000K asym 130x25°877~951130x25°99800no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-9004AS13025 LDT file BM3-9004AS13025 Handleiding BM3-9004AS13025
BM3-9004AS13040Brightmaster BM3 900W 4000K asym 130x40°877~951130x40°99800no33€ 2400No datasheet BM3-9004AS13040 LDT file BM3-9004AS13040 Handleiding BM3-9004AS13040
BM3-1350415Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K 15°1219~132715°172600no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-1350415 LDT file BM3-1350415 Handleiding BM3-1350415
BM3-1350425Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K 25°1316~142625°206800no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-1350425 LDT file BM3-1350425 Handleiding BM3-1350425
BM3-1350460Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K 60°1316~142660°206800no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-1350460 LDT file BM3-1350460 Handleiding BM3-1350460
BM3-13504110Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K 110°1341~1415110°210700no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-13504110 LDT file BM3-13504110 Handleiding BM3-13504110
BM3-13504AS13025Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K asym 130x25°1316~1426130x25°199700no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-13504AS13025 LDT file BM3-13504AS13025 Handleiding BM3-13504AS13025
BM3-13504AS13040Brightmaster BM3 1350W 4000K asym 130x40°1316~1426130x40°199700no48€ 3400No datasheet BM3-13504AS13040 LDT file BM3-13504AS13040 Handleiding BM3-13504AS13040
ReferenceDescriptionLWHGross priceStockData
IP68-connectConnection kit 3p IP68 2,5mm² male-female1302020€ 12yes datasheet IP68-connect
BM3-FP1Fall protection BM2/BM3 1x 2mm 75W-300W100022€ 8No datasheet BM3-FP1
BM3-FP2Fall protection BM2/BM3 1x 3mm 450W-650W100033€ 12No datasheet BM3-FP2
BM3-FP3Fall protection BM2/BM3 2x 3mm 900W-1350W100033€ 24No datasheet BM3-FP3

Always supplement article reference with the desired option, eg: BM3-6504ASDB

BM3-DASeparate driverbox for BM3 450~1350W option A (no extra charge)0no datasheet BM3-FP3
BM3-DBSeparate driverbox for BM3 450~1350W optie B120no datasheet BM3-FP3
BM3-DCSeparate driverbox for BM3 450~1350W optie C180no datasheet BM3-FP3
BM3-DDSeparate driverbox for BM3 450~1350W optie D (no extra charge)0no datasheet BM3-FP3
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