LED Emitter – Floodlight

Have you ever heard of an LED floodlight or a floodlight? The most common name for this style of LED lighting is actually just an LED emitter. Their goal? Illuminating large areas. Are you looking for high-quality LED emitters for your project or building? With Integratech you are at the right place.

LED emitter in a nutshell

As already mentioned, LED emitters are known by different names. From LED construction lights to floodlights, from LED floodlights to floodlights, these are the best known names under which you can find this LED lighting. In the past they were even known as LED projectors. Are you looking for a way to illuminate a wide and high surface? LED emitters are the perfect solution. For example, they can serve to accentuate buildings, put statues in the spotlight, and illuminate city parks. In addition, they are also suitable for providing light on building sites or even for protecting buildings. By using LED emitters with a motion sensor, burglars have less chance.

LED emitter: the light in the tunnel

You can use the lights of LED emitters both inside and outside. However, an LED spotlight is usually used outdoors. With waterproof safety glass, our LED emitters are even resistant to the harshest conditions. This makes LED lighting also interesting in areas where vandalism can occur. We are thinking, for example, of city parks or sea dikes. In short, LED emitters are what you need to generate a lot of strong light. Did you know that you are not limited with light emitters in terms of light color? All our heaters are supplied standard with an HO5RN-F 3G1 cable for installation. In addition, our Evolve SMD model has the option of an asymmetrical lens with which you can obtain light on a large surface quickly and easily.

Integratech, the partner for your LED emitter

Do you want to buy LED emitters for your building? LED lighting not only provides considerable energy savings, but also outside. Because they consume much less, it is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. At Integratech you are at the right place for high-quality LED lighting. Do you have any questions? Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

QT floodlight
evolve spot

Choose your LED floodlight

FloodlightQT floodlightEvolve SpotEvolve SMD
Max. Lumen output5500590026.000
Sensor versionJaNeeNee
Interpon coatingJaJaJa
Lifetime35.000 L80B2059.000 L80B2050.000 L80B20