Industrie verlichting HBRO
stralingshoek kelvin pf waarde lumen per watt cri waarde ip waarde aantal branduren ik waarde 5 jaar garantie flikker vrij
110° 4000K 0,95 140 >80 65 50.000h IK08


Power Highbay

PHB is a highly efficient industrial clock fixture with compact dimensions. The IP65 housing with integrated ventilation slots guarantees the best possible air flow and cooling. PHB is equipped with high-performance Philips Lumileds and a 1-10V dimmable quality driver with a very long lifespan. PHB is a highbay with top performance and ENEC certification. The device is by default equipped with an opal polycarbonate cover for more pleasant and less dazzling lighting. The unit efficiency is 140 lm/W with a colour temperature of 4000K.

PHB has a standard light beam of 110° and can be combined with different reflectors. The device can be mounted in a fixed position on the wall or ceiling with the optional wall bracket. A daylight sensor can be connected directly to the 1-10V input so that the light output can be dimmed based on the available daylight. With the optional Integraconnect interface, the device is ready for Smartlighting applications. See our Smartlighting chapter for more information.

This product is ENEC certificated.

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  • Transparent glass cover (lumen output up to 160lm/W possible at CRI >70)
  • Colour temperatures 3000, 5000 and 6000K
  • DALI driver
  • Opal prism reflectors and shield caps
  • Emergency unit 1,5 or 3 hours for 100/150W version
  • Special coating for industrial environments


Article Descrition Watt CCT Lumen L W H
PHB1004 Clock fixture PHB 100W 4000K IP65 dimmable 1-10V 100 4000 13950 280 280 175
PHB1504 Clock fixture PHB 150W 4000K IP65 dimmable 1-10V 150 4000 20880 320 320 177
PHB2004 Clock fixture PHB 200W 4000K IP65 dimmable 1-10V 200 4000 27900 365 365 180
PHB2404 Clock fixture PHB 240W 4000K IP65 dimmable 1-10V 240 4000 33480 400 400 260
Article Description L B H
PHB100-R90 Aluminium reflector 90° for PHB 100W 361 361 129
PHB100-PCC Prism reflector 90° PC for PHB 100W 310 310 170
PHB150-R90 Aluminium reflector 90° for PHB 150W 426 426 144
PHB150-PCC Prism reflector 100° PC for PHB 150W 410 410 250
PHB200-R90 Aluminium reflector 90° for PHB 200/240W 426 426 164
PHB200-PCC Prism reflector 100° PC for PHB 200/240W 410 410 230
PHB-WBR Wall bracket for PHB clock fixture    –    –    –
IP68-CONNECT Connector IP68 3p 2,5mm2 130 20 20