Choosing the right power supply for your LED Strips is very important to achieve the optimum result in combination with a maximum lifespan of your LED strip.

Guidelines for choosing the right food


When dimensioning the power supply, take into account a reserve margin of 5 to 10%. A diet that is constantly charged at 100% becomes warmer and lasts less. If the power supply is used in combination with a PWM control, this influences the efficiency of the power supply, which means that this reserve margin is certainly necessary.

Minimum tax

The minimum load is also important for certain types of power supplies. To prevent the LED strip from blinking, we always recommend a minimum load of 60%.

Power distribution

When placing large power LED strips, it is preferable to have several smaller power supplies instead of one large power supply. Always divide the total power over several smaller power supplies, and place these power supplies as close as possible to the LED strips. This is to prevent heavy cable sections and voltage losses.


A standard LED power supply can never be dimmed on the 230V side with a triac dimmer. LED strips are always dimmed on the 24 VDC side using a PWM dimmer.


Never place a power supply in a small, completely enclosed space. If the power supply becomes too hot, the thermal protection starts and the power is switched off. If several DIN rail power supplies are placed in an electrical board, always respect a distance of 0.5 modules between each power supply.


Our different types of power supplies:

HDR serie: Modular power supply for DIN rail mounting in modular boards for powers from 15W to 100W.

DRP serie: High power supply suitable for DIN rail mounting in industrial boards for capacities from 240W to 480W.

DRT serie: High power supply suitable for input voltage 3x400V for DIN rail mounting in industrial boards for capacities from 240W to 960W.

APV serie: Low power supply in a compact class II enclosure IP30 for power from 12W to 35W.

PLC serie: LED power supply with connection connectors in a class II IP30 housing for powers from 30W to 100W.

LPV serie: Waterproof LED power supply in a class II IP67 housing for capacities from 20W to 150W.

HLG serie: Waterproof LED power supply with high efficiency in a metal class II IP65 housing for capacities from 40W to 600W.


Use cabling

When placing the wiring, keep in mind that you are working on low voltage! At low voltage higher currents are generated, the cable sections must therefore be larger than when operating on mains voltage. For large lengths or high powers, it is therefore more practical to use several low-power supplies, instead of one high-power supply.

This prevents high currents and heavy cable sections. In the following table you can easily find which cable is best used for your LED strip project.

tabel led strip kablage

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