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LED Track light – F1

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  • modern and sleek design
  • flicker-free Osram driver integrated in Powergear adapter
  • durability 50,000 hours L80B20
  • color rendering CRI> 90
  • Alanod reflector with an efficiency of 97%
  • finish white RAL9016 or black RAL9004



CRI 90







5 years


Led track light F1 standard versions:

  • 15W

  • 25W

  • 35W

  • 45W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

Feel free to contact us for more available options:

  • Dimmable DALI
  • CRI82/CRI97
  • Interchangeable reflector 20, 30 (standard) or 60°
    (15W version only available with 20° or 30°)

The new F1 track light has a modern and sleek design and is by default equipped with a non-dimmable flicker-free Osram driver. The housing guarantees optimum heat dissipation resulting in a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours L80B20, guaranteed for 5 years.

Track light F1 is equipped with a Citizen led chip with CRI> 90 and an interchangeable Alanod reflector with an efficiency of 97%. Standard light beam is 30°.

F1 25/35W intrack

F1 25/35W intrack

F1 15W dimensions

F1 15W dimensions

F1 25/35W intrack

F1 25/35W intrack

F125/35W dimensions

F125/35W dimensions

F1 45W Intrack

F1 45W Intrack

F1 45W dimensions

F1 45W dimensions

F1 25/35W intrack F1 15W dimensions F1 25/35W intrack F125/35W dimensions F1 45W Intrack F1 45W dimensions

LED Track light F1

F115DI-B3000Tracklight F1 15W 3000K CRI90 black intrack driver1530009030°1425noyesDataLDTManual
F115DI-B4000Tracklight F1 15W 4000K CRI90 black intrack driver1540009030°1500noyesDataLDTManual
F115DI-W3000Tracklight F1 15W 3000K CRI90 white intrack driver1530009030°1425noyesDataLDTManual
F115DI-W4000Tracklight F1 15W 4000K CRI90 white intrack driver1540009030°1500noyesDataLDTManual
F125DI-B3000Tracklight F1 25W 3000K CRI90 black intrack driver2530009030°2375noyesDataLDTManual
F125DI-B4000Tracklight F1 25W 4000K CRI90 black intrack driver2540009030°2500noyesDataLDTManual
F125DI-W3000Tracklight F1 25W 3000K CRI90 white intrack driver2530009030°2375noyesDataLDTManual
F125DI-W4000Tracklight F1 25W 4000K CRI90 white intrack driver2540009030°2500noyesDataLDTManual
F135DI-B3000Tracklight F1 35W 3000K CRI90 black intrack driver33,8830009030°3325noyesDataLDTManual
F135DI-B4000Tracklight F1 35W 4000K CRI90 black intrack driver33,8840009030°3500noyesDataLDTManual
F135DI-W3000Tracklight F1 35W 3000K CRI90 white intrack driver33,8830009030°3325noyesDataLDTManual
F135DI-W4000Tracklight F1 35W 4000K CRI90 white intrack driver33,8840009030°3500noyesDataLDTManual
F145DI-B3000Tracklight F1 45W 3000K CRI90 black intrack driver4530009030°4275noyesDataLDTManual
F145DI-B4000Tracklight F1 45W 4000K CRI90 black intrack driver4540009030°4500noyesDataLDTManual
F145DI-W3000Tracklight F1 45W 3000K CRI90 white intrack driver4530009030°4275noyesDataLDTManual
F145DI-W4000Tracklight F1 45W 4000K CRI90 white intrack driver4540009030°4500noyesDataLDTManual
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