Tracklights summary

TracklightF1F2Linear Track
Lumen output2375~45001900~30002650~8309
Lm/W up to100100130~160
linear track

Led Track Light

A track light, also called a rail spot, is mainly used for retail applications. Think especially of clothing stores, showrooms, supermarkets, museums,…. However, such luminaires can also be placed in a residential environment.

When to choose Track lights?

One of the great advantages of a track light compared to another fixture is its flexibility. A track light is always mounted on a 3-phase voltage rail. The track light can easily be disassembled from the rail and reinstalled in another place. So if you adjust the layout of a shop or showroom, for example, you can also adjust the lighting to these changes.
The light beam of the track light is rather narrow, namely 20 °, 30 ° or 60 ° (default 30 °). These narrow beams make it possible to place certain objects or entire shelves in the spotlight. The customer’s attention is thus drawn to the products on display.
The high color rendering index, namely CRI90, ensures that the colors of the products presented are perceived more fully. Thanks to this high CRI, the colors are perceived in the same way as in natural light. At a low CRI, colors are perceived as duller by the human eye.

What is the use of a 3-phase rail?

The track lights are each mounted on a 3-phase rail. The conductors in this rail run over the entire length of the profile, this way it is possible to easily place the track light on the rail in any position.
Provided the necessary accessories and connectors, the 3-phase rails can be configured in such a way that they cover an optimal route through the room. Consider, for example, following aisles between racks, creating rectangles to illuminate a display all around, …
The rails can be installed surface-mounted or suspended. Our rails are always 7-pole, which makes it possible to use dimmable track lights. The latter are available on order.

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