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Dimmable power supply

Integratech introduces all-in-one power supplies for an even faster installation. Only one part is required for operating and dimming LED strips. An eye-catcher is the new universally dimmable 200W power supply suitable for TRIAC, 1-10V, DALI or push dim.

Led power supply – Meanwell led driver

Integratech, manufacturer of LED lighting, luminaires and accessories, is a supplier for business partners. Companies, architects, light planners, project developers and other business customers purchase our advanced LED products.

You will find a wide variety in our range of Integratech Meanwell LED drivers. For each series you will find a product description with information about power, corresponding control, dimmable LED power, class, outputs, protection, cable connection, efficiency, technical details and compatibility.

LED drivers Meanwell in stock

Power supplyIPClassPowerDimmableConnectionMontageWarranty
APV42II12/16/25/35Wnocablesurface mounted2
PLC20II30/60/100Wnoscrew terminalsurface mounted2
LPV67II20/35/60/100/150Wnocablesurface mounted2
PWM67II20/60/90/120W1-10V/PWMcablesurface mounted5
XLG67I75/100/150/200Wnocablesurface mounted5
HLG65I240/320/480/600Wnocablesurface mounted7
HDR20II15/30/60/100/150Wnoscrew terminalDIN-rail3
NDR20I240/480Wnoscrew terminalDIN-rail industry3
dimmable power supply
Choosing the right power supply for your LED Strip