Overview of LED strip controls

Integratech has an extensive range of LED strip controls. Our offer varies from standard push-button controls to advanced controls with DALI or DMX.

Type of controlFunctionOperationWiring
UniversalDimming ledflex TRIAC/1-10V/DALI of pushAll dimming, including version power supply and controller in oneAccording to dim method
Push buttonDimming ledflex with push buttonOn/off: short press, dim: long pressConnect push button to control
PWMOperation and control in oneFor RGB or RGB+W ledflexLedflex directly connected to the wall panel
1-10VUse 1-10V dimmerDimming between 10 and 100% with 1-10V signal2-wire 1-10V (current control)
DALIUse DALI dimmer/masterDimming between 0 and 100% with DALI signal2-wire DALI bus, 1 address per channel
DMXUsing DMX controlDimming between 0 and 100% with DMX signal2-wire DMX bus, 1 address per channel
RFOperate with RF signal 434/868 MHzTransmitter and 1 controller required per zone/circuitWireless, range up to 40 meters
BLEBluetooth low energyControl via app on smartphoneWireless, range up to 30~50 meters

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