LED panel Manga U

High ceilings, extremely high light level

  • UGR 17 (36W), UGR 19 (50W)
  • PMMA light guiding plate = no discoloration
  • PET micro-prismatic diffuser
  • Pre-assembled brackets for suspended mounting
  • High luminar effeciency up to 130lm/W, light output> 6000 lm (50W)
  • Extremely solid frame 13mm
  • Durability 65,000 hours L80B20



CRI 82



UGR 17




5 years



LED panel Manga U standard versions:

  • 60×60

  • 30×120

  • 30W

  • 36W

  • 40W

  • 50W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K


Do you need different dimensions or color temperature for your project? Feel free to contact us.

The QT LED panel is an established name on the lighting market. This LED panel offers the necessary operational reliability in a professional environment with many burning hours.

LED panel QT with narrow edges of only 19mm wide. Frame finished with white powder coating RAL9016. Equipped with 216 SMD4014 LEDs. The lacquered bottom plate with curved edges provides extra strength and is equipped with pre-mounted brackets for pendant mounting or fall protection

Comes without driver, always order one driver per panel separately.

LED panel Manga

MA6060U3Led panel Manga 60x60 3000K UGR175030008295°6250YesDataLDTManual
MA6060U4Led panel Manga 60x60 4000K UGR175040008295°6250YesDataLDTManual
MA30120U3Led panel Manga 30x120 3000K UGR175030008295°5759YesDataLDTManual
MA30120U4Led panel Manga 30x120 4000K UGR175040008295°6216YesDataLDTManual

Driver LED panel

QTD30W5Driver QT 30W flicker-free not-dimmable 5y war3011540,528yesDataManual
QTD36W5Driver QT 36W flicker-free not-dimmable 5y war3611540,528yesDataManual
UNIDRIVER36Unidriver 36W TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/push amplitude dim361705929yesDataManual
UNIDRIVER50Ledpanel unidriver 30~50W 1-10V/DALI/push dim1658335yesDataManual

LED panel accessories

ReferenceOmschrijving_engIPBatteryLumen factorStockDataManual
ECULED212-1HEmergency unit for Leddriver 1h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 1,7Ah+/- 7%YesDataManual
ECULED212-3HEmergency unit for Leddriver 3h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 3,5Ah+/- 7%YesDataManual
PL-FIXSurface mounting set with 4 brackets111yesData
QTSF6060WSurface frame for led panel 600x600 RAL901660260250yesData
QTSF30120WSurface frame for led panel 300x1200 RAL9016120230250yesData
FLAIR6060WSurface frame for Ledpanel 60x60 white60560560yesDataManual
FLAIR6060BSurface frame Ledpanel 60x60 black RAL900560560560yesDataManual
FLAIR30120WSurface frame Ledpanel 30x120 white RAL9010120530560yesDataManual
FLAIR30120BSurface frame Ledpanel 30x120 black RAL9005120530560yesDataManual
PL-CLAMPMounting set with 4 clamping springs17482207YesData
QTRF6060WRecessed frame for led panel 600x600 RAL901663063027600x600YesData
QTRF30120WRecessed frame for led panel 300x1200 RAL90161232332311200x300YesData
QTPENDSuspension set 4 fixations for led panel QT12000,10,1YesData
PL-PEND2Suspension kit 1m with 2 fixations10001,51,5YesData
PL-CONNECTConnection box + 2,5m cable transparent808030NoData
PL-PROTECTFall protection 1m with self-closing hook111YesData
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