Led panel frame Flair

Universal mounting frame

  • Modern design
  • Fast mounting
  • No visible screws or seams
  • Fall protection


LED panel Flair standard versions:

  • 60×60

  • 30×120

  • White RAL9010

  • Anthracite RAL9005


With Flair, Integratech introduces a multifunctional mounting frame suitable for 60×60 or 30×120 LED panels. Ease of installation and a modern design were key when designing Flair.

The combination of the separate mounting base and the ornamental frame guarantee an easy assembly. After installing the base, the led panel is placed in the ornamental frame, clicked on the base and then locked. The steel cable between the mounting base and the ornamental frame ensures extra fall protection.

After assembly, the aluminium edges of the led panel are no longer visible, which makes the Flair frame suitable for both the Manga and QT led panels.
Flair is available in white (RAL9010) or black (RAL9005) and is suitable for surface or pendant mounting.

Surface mounted design frame

FLAIR6060WSurface frame for Ledpanel 60x60 whitewhite RAL901060560560yesDataManual
FLAIR6060BSurface frame Ledpanel 60x60 black RAL9005black RAL900560560560yesDataManual
FLAIR30120WSurface frame Ledpanel 30x120 white RAL9010white RAL9010120530560yesDataManual
FLAIR30120BSurface frame Ledpanel 30x120 black RAL9005black RAL9005120530560yesDataManual
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