LED panel Bright

Optimal luminous flux

  • Narrow edges of only 21mm
  • White powder coating RAL9016
  • Device efficiency up to 130lm/W
  • PS diffuser UGR<19
  • IP40 housing against penetration of insects
  • 48 LEDs SMD2835 with PMMA lens



CRI 82



UGR <19



5 year


LED panel Bright versions:

  • 60×60

  • 30×120

  • 30W

  • 36W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

Different color temperature available on a project basis. Contact us.

This LED panel uses the latest technology for optimal light distribution and more homogeneous illumination of the room.

Thanks to the construction with optical lenses over each individual LED chip, there is no risk of discoloration or yellowing during the life of the product.

Supplied without driver, always order one driver per panel separately. Suitable for 30W 750mA or 36W 900mA driver


LED panel Bright

PLB60603630Led panel Bright 36W 60x60 3000K RAL90163630008290°4160yesDataLDTManual
PLB60603640Led panel Bright 36W 60x60 4000K RAL90163640008290°4280yesDataLDTManual
PLB301203630Led panel Bright 36W 30x120 3000K RAL90163630008290°4160yesDataLDTManual
PLB301203640Led panel Bright 36W 30x120 4000K RAL90163640008290°4280yesDataLDTManual

LED panel Bright drivers

QTD30W5Driver QT 30W flicker-free not-dimmable 5y war30noyesDataManual
QTD36W5Driver QT 36W flicker-free not-dimmable 5y war36noyesDataManual
UNIDRIVER36Unidriver 36W TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/push amplitude dim36TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/PushyesDataManual

LED panel accessories

ReferenceOmschrijving_engIPBatteryLumen factorStockDataManual
ECULED212-1HEmergency unit for Leddriver 1h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 1,7Ah+/- 7%YesDataManual
ECULED212-3HEmergency unit for Leddriver 3h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 3,5Ah+/- 7%YesDataManual
QTRF6060WRecessed frame for led panel 600x600 RAL901663063027600x600yesData
QTRF30120WRecessed frame for led panel 300x1200 RAL90161232332311200x300yesData

Note: the Bright panel CANNOT be combined with QTSF and FLAIR surface-mounted frames. The Bright panel does fit in the QTSF mounting frame, but there is insufficient space for the driver. An update will follow in 2021 for the QTSF construction framework.

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