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Ceiling lamp Disc

Ease of installation

  • Stylish surface-mounted fixture with a low mounting height
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate housing IP54 & IK10
  • 10W or 20W version
  • Base white RAL9003
  • Black version RAL9004 available from stock
  • Wide choice of versions with or without sensor
  • Fast installation with separate base










5 years


Ceiling light Disc standard versions:

  • 10W

  • 22W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

  • sensor

  • sensor + emergency 3h

Disc settings RF sensor:
  • Detection range up to 6 meters (ceiling) or up to 9 meters (wall)
  • Adjustable sensitivity 50%/100%
  • Activation time: 5s / 90s / 3m / 10m
  • Daylight sensor: off / 50/10/2 Lux
  • Standby period: 0s / 30s / 10m / always on
  • Standby dimming level: 10%/30%
  • New ! Auto/manual mode with regular switch.

Disc is a stylish surface-mounted device with a focus on design and ease of installation. Thanks to the separate mounting base and the screwless connection terminals, the fixture can be installed in no time. The led module is simply clicked onto the mounting base.

Disc is by default IP54 and available in 10 or 22 Watts with colour temperature 3000K or 4000K. The fixture is equipped with the latest generation of SMD2835 led chips, a flicker-free quality driver, and finished with an opal PC cover. Cable entries are provided on the top and side

The sleek design makes this unit perfectly suitable for applications in the private and utility sector.

DISC white

DISC white

DISC black

DISC black

DISC white DISC black
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Datasheet sensorData

DISC basic version

DISC103WDisc 10W 3000K IP54 white RAL9003113000white RAL9003950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104WDisc 10W 4000K IP54 white RAL9003114000white RAL90031000IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203WDisc 22W 3000K IP54 white RAL9003223000white RAL90032090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204WDisc 22W 4000K IP54 white RAL9003224000white RAL90032244IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC103BDisc 10W 3000K IP54 black RAL9004113000black RAL9004950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104BDisc 10W 4000K IP54 black RAL9004114000black RAL90041000IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203BDisc 22W 3000K IP54 black RAL9004223000black RAL90042090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204BDisc 22W 4000K IP54 black RAL9004224000black RAL90042244IP54320yesDataLDTManual

DISC with microwave sensor

DISC103WSTMDisc 10W 3000K sensor IP54 white RAL9003113000white RAL9003950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104WSTMDisc 10W 4000K sensor IP54 white RAL9003114000white RAL90031000IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203WSTMDisc 22W 3000K sensor IP54 white RAL9003223000white RAL90032090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204WSTMDisc 22W 4000K sensor IP54 white RAL9003224000white RAL90032244IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC103BSTMDisc 10W 3000K sensor IP54 black RAL9004113000black RAL9004950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104BSTMDisc 10W 4000K sensor IP54 black RAL9004114000black RAL90041000IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203BSTMDisc 22W 3000K sensor IP54 black RAL9004223000black RAL90042090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204BSTMDisc 22W 4000K sensor IP54 black RAL9004224000black RAL90042244IP54320yesDataLDTManual

DISC with emergency unit

DISC103WEMEDisc 10W 3000K emergency 3h IP54 white RAL9003113000white RAL9003900IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104WEMEDisc 10W 4000K emergency 3h IP54 white RAL9003114000white RAL9003950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203WEMEDisc 22W 3000K emergency 3h IP54 white RAL9003223000white RAL90031980IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204WEMEDisc 22W 4000K emergency 3h IP54 white RAL9003224000white RAL90032090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC103BEMEDisc 10W 3000K emergency 3h IP54 black RAL9004113000black RAL9004900IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104BEMEDisc 10W 4000K emergency 3h IP54 black RAL9004114000black RAL9004950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203BEMEDisc 22W 3000K emergency 3h IP54 black RAL9004223000black RAL90041980IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204BEMEDisc 22W 4000K emergency 3h IP54 black RAL9004224000black RAL90042090IP54320yesDataLDTManual

Disc with microwave sensor and emergency unit

DISC103WSDEDisc 10W 3000K sensor+emergency IP54 white RAL9003113000white RAL9003900IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104WSDEDisc 10W 4000K sensor+emergency IP54 white RAL9003114000white RAL9003950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203WSDEDisc 22W 3000K sensor+emergency IP54 white RAL9003223000white RAL90031980IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204WSDEDisc 22W 4000K sensor+emergency IP54 white RAL9003224000white RAL90032090IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC103BSDEDisc 10W 3000K sensor+emergency IP54 black RAL9004113000black RAL9004900IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC104BSDEDisc 10W 4000K sensor+emergency IP54 black RAL9004114000black RAL9004950IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC203BSDEDisc 22W 3000K sensor+emergency IP54 black RAL9004223000black RAL90041980IP54320yesDataLDTManual
DISC204BSDEDisc 22W 4000K sensor+emergency IP54 black RAL9004224000black RAL90042090IP54320yesDataLDTManual

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