When to use an LED emitter?

An LED emitter, also called floodlight, is mainly used for area lighting. In most cases, these luminaires are mounted on a facade or pole. Thanks to their wide beam, they are suitable for evenly illuminating large areas. However, they can also be mounted at ground level, such as lighting a tree, statue, facade,….

In addition to the wide-beam symmetrical LED emitters, we also have emitters with a narrower beam as well as asymmetrical emitters. The narrow beam emitters are mainly used to put certain objects in the spotlight. The asymmetrical spotlights are used for outdoor lighting. Thanks to the internal lenses, the greatest amount of light is emitted forward when the luminaire is barely tilted. This significantly reduces the amount of light that is emitted upwards, and thus also the light pollution compared to a wide-beam floodlight.

The QT Floodlight is the ideal solution for household applications. This series is mainly based on the lower powers. This series of floodlights also includes certain luminaires with an integrated PIR sensor, whose settings can be changed.

What are the characteristics of a Floodlight?

In terms of power, we have LED emitters from 10W up to. 200W in our range. In this way we can offer a suitable solution for every application, tailored to the needs of the customer. The light output fluctuates between 100-130lm/W, depending on the type of device.
3000K and 4000K are the standard color temperatures that we have in stock, other color temperatures such as 5000K, 6500K,… are available on order. Our LED emitters are not provided dimmable as standard, but please note that 1-10V, DALI, TRIAC dimmable radiators are also available on order.
Most floodlights are supplied incl. Pre-assembled HO5RN-F 3G1 cable, so the device does not have to be opened to connect and we can certainly guarantee the watertightness.

Each LED emitter is also equipped with an Interpon coating, waterproof safety glass, a full aluminum housing and L316 screws, which allow the spotlights to be used in corrosive environments.

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QT floodlight
evolve spot

Choose your LED floodlight

FloodlightQT floodlightEvolve SpotEvolve SMD
Max. Lumen output5500590026.000
Sensor versionJaNeeNee
Interpon coatingJaJaJa
Lifetime35.000 L80B2059.000 L80B2050.000 L80B20