LED downlight Compact

Compact and efficient

  • Compact installation depth
  • Clean-lined finish with narrow edges
  • Osram SMD3030 Led chips
  • White reflector 95°
  • Standard CRI90
  • Choice from non-dimming Philips driver or UNIDRIVER with amplitude dimming
  • Toolless connection box for fast in/out wiring
What is amplitude dimming ?



CRI 90







5 years


Led Downlight Compact standard versions:

  • 15W

  • 25W

  • 35W

  • 3000K

  • 4000K

Compact is a series of power LED downlights with a compact mounting depth in a clean-lined finish with narrow edges. Compact is delivered with a non dimming Philips driver or a UNIDRIVER with amplitude dimming.

The housing is equipped with an opale diffuser and Osram SMD3030 led chips with CRI90 and a high colour uniformity.

Compact 25W

Compact 25W

Compact 15W

Compact 15W

Compact 25W

Compact 25W

Compact 35W

Compact 35W

Compact 25W Compact 15W Compact 25W Compact 35W

LED downlight Compact

COMPACT153Compact 15W 3000K CRI90 white non dimmable1630009095°1308noIP2040145125-130yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT154Compact 15W 4000K CRI90 white non dimmable1640009095°1493noIP2040145125-130yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT253Compact 25W 3000K CRI90 white non dimmable27,530009095°2290noIP2048180160-165yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT254Compact 25W 4000K CRI90 white non dimmable27,540009095°2593noIP2048180160-165yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT353Compact 35W 3000K CRI90 white non dimmable3930009095°3198noIP2062230200-210yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT354Compact 35W 4000K CRI90 white non dimmable3940009095°3684noIP2062230200-210yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT153DIMCompact 15W 3000K CRI90 white universal dimmable1630009095°1308TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2040145125-130yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT154DIMCompact 15W 4000K CRI90 white universal dimmable1640009095°1493TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2040145125-130yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT253DIMCompact 25W 3000K CRI90 white universal dimmable27,530009095°2290TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2048180160-165yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT254DIMCompact 25W 4000K CRI90 white universal dimmable27,540009095°2593TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2048180160-165yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT353DIMCompact 35W 3000K CRI90 white universal dimmable3930009095°3198TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2062230200-210yesDataLDTManual
COMPACT354DIMCompact 35W 4000K CRI90 white universal dimmable3940009095°3684TRIAC/1-10V/DALI/pushIP2062230200-210yesDataLDTManual

Compact accessories

ReferenceDescriptionIPBatteryLumen factorStockDataManual
ECULED212-1HEmergency unit for Leddriver 1h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 1,7Ah+/- 7%yesDataManaual
ECULED212-3HEmergency unit for Leddriver 3h max 45VdcIP20Ni-Cd 3,6V 3,5Ah+/- 7%yesDataManaual
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